ABOUT MELOW, the Society:

MELOW (The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the World) is an academic organization, one of the foremost of its kind in India. The members are college and university teachers, scholars and critics interested in literature, particularly in World Literatures. The Organization meets every year over an international conference. It seeks to maintain academic standards, encourages and grooms younger scholars, and provides a forum for senior scholars in literature.



(1 April 2017 onward)


President: Prof Anil Raina (Chandigarh)

Vice-President: Dr Vijay Sharma (Delhi)

Secretary: Prof Manju Jaidka (Chandigarh)

Jt. Secretary: Prof Manpreet Kaur (Delhi)

Treasurer: Dr Meenu Gupta (Chandigarh)


Executive Members: 

Prof Sushila Singh (Varanasi)

Prof Dipankar Purkayastha (Silchar)

Prof Debarati Bandopadhyay (Santiniketan)

Prof Ravichandran (Kanpur)

Dr Roshan Sharma (Dharamshala)

Dr Seema Bhupendra (Udaipur)

Dr Neela Sarkar (Kolkata)

Dr Jyoti Mishra (Chattisgarh)

Dr Vandhana Sharma (Jammu)

Dr Suneeta Patnayak (Chandigarh)

Dr Radha Gautam (Surat)



International Advisory Board: 

Giorgio Mariani (University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy)

Shirley Geok Lim (University of California, SantaBarbara)

Rajeshwari Pandharipande (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)

Mukesh Williams (Soka University, Japan)

Pawel JÄ™drzejko (University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland)


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