Towards Praxis: Literature, Society and Politics, Number 1, 2016

July 2016

Cartooning the Colony, Empowering the Empire: A Study of Punch Cartoons (ISM Award-winning essay)

Saidul Haque

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Consciousness-raising in the Postcolonial Novel

Tej Nath Dhar

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Post-catastrophe Futuristic Scenarios: A Perspective upon Aldous Huxley’s Ape and Essence (1948)

K.B. Razdan

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From Silence to Speech: Women Warriors in In-between Worlds

Nandini Bhadra

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‘Being Violent’: Critiquing Masculinity and Capitalism in Joyce Carol Oates’s Zombie

Payel Pal

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Sam Shepard’s “Curse of The Starving Class”: The Contemporary Family and The ‘Curse’ of the American Dream

Dr. Galawezh I. Muhiadeen

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Many Stories, Many lessons: the Plurality of Draupadi, Sita and Ahalya

Benu Verma

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Gendering the Genre: Interrogating the Fairytales of Colonial Bengal

Sarani Roy

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The Kashmiri Ramayana: Voices and Silences

Aarttee Kaul Dhar

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“ I find thy cunning seeds, O million murdering Death”: Western Science, Indian Climes in Amitav Ghosh’s The Calcutta Chromosome

Sakoon N Singh

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Literature as Social Agenda: The Poetry of Temsula Ao

Neeraj Sankhyan and Suman

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The Cyborg Prophecy: Reading between Asimov’s Lines

Rudrani Gangopadhyay

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Sexual Innuendoes in LittleRed Riding Hood

Harpreet Kaur Vohra

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Book Review: T. S Eliot: Poems. Eds. Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

Hugh Foley

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